I’ve been crazy for baking recently.

I used to bake quite a lot when I was living in Glasgow and working in Mono. Mono is a vegan restaurant/venue in Glasgow which serves some really good food and hosts a lot of really interesting events. All the other staff who worked in the kitchen hated baking, so I’d spend most of my shift on a Sunday experimenting with new kinds of dessert.

All of my baking is still vegan as a result of a bad experience with eggs when I was 14 years old.
I made these cupcakes at a friend’s the other day:

I’d never used food colouring before and was under the impression that food that colour really shouldn’t be put into your mouth. I was wrong, these tasted great!

We used this recipe for the sponge-part of the cupcakes. The topping is buttercream which would usually be used for the filling of a cake, with food colourings. I highly recommend the recipe to anyone with a sweet tooth.

If anyone decides to try it out, let me know how it turns out!


February 15, 2008. baking, cupcake, mono, vegan.

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