week-long slump

For some technical reason, my digital camera hasn’t been working properly.
I feel as though, for this blog at least, photos are necessary for each post.

But, I have been busy!

On Monday I had to work a dreaded nightshift. In a lot of ways it’s a good thing, as I always feel as though I have to have done a lot during the day to make up for the fact that I have to go without an entire night’s sleep.

I got up really early in the morning, got ready and set off with two of my cameras: Holga 120 CFN (white) and Lubitel 166B. Once I’ve used the remainder of the film and developed them, I’ll post the results here.

On my way home I came across a little wool shop just behind the Greenock West train station. I picked up loads of different colours of balls of wool and headed home.
Every woman in my family knits, really well. I’ve stopped and started numerous times, always associating knitting with boring things like arran jumpers and itchy scarves. I searched Etsy for as many ‘fun’ patterns as I could find.
So far I’ve completed one of the patterns and am still working on (and waiting to get more wool for) another.

This is my latest ‘make’:

I needed a lot of help with this one (thanks mum), I get a lot of the stitches mixed up.

The other pattern I’m working on is a dark blue shoulder bag which I can use to put my uni things in. Why do I run out of wool on the only day the wool shop is closed? Argh!!


February 25, 2008. Uncategorized.

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