Etsy love

I’m pretty sure that by now everyone will have heard of, and fallen in love with, Etsy.
I’d like to give the creators a huge kiss. Before its existence, buying handmade was something only those with a ridiculous amount of time were bale to do, as these are often the projects which have little or no promotion.

Etsy has created a space where handmade items can be bought and sold, which is a great approach as now everyone can get involved. And that’s the way craft should be.

The Etsy labs are a great source of information and for ideas for things to make.

I have a few favourite sellers who , even if I’m not looking to buy, I just like to look at their space.

FromJapanWithLove is a Canadian living in Japan who sells lots of amazing Japanese products and ships worldwide.
I especially love her collection of buttons and paper cuts. She’s also a super-nice girl.

is the fictional character who likes to find treasures in the bottom of the sea, but can’t swim. His creator resides in Spain and makes these amazing little scenes made entirely from felt, along with buttons, brooches and stationary.
KupKup is my favourite.

apak is the combined efforts of two people to create really simple but amazing prints. I’ve bought a few of their cards before and they looked so great that I wanted to put them on my wall. A lot of their prints have a really washed out, sunny look about them. A lot of their work is created using Gocco (more on that later).


March 4, 2008. apak, etsy, fromjapanwithlove, gocco, kupkup.

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