country crafting

So yesterday I went along to the Country Crafting event in MacSorley’s. I was really nervous at first because I didn’t know anyone that was going. A few temper tantrums later and Philip managed to talk me into going.

country crafting flyer by you.
I remember going to church when I was wee and being scolded for sitting in someone else’s seat and I was worried that’s what this would be like. Everyone was really nice, it was not the nightmare I’d imagined. A few people had brought along their own craft projets and there was knitting needles and wool so no-one was empty-handed. There was some amazing country music being played and really great cakes with edible knitting magazine transfers on the top.

I was only able to stay for a few hours as I was working last night, but I managed to talk Clare Nicolson- who was running the event- for a wee while. I’ve liked Clare’s handmade things since I first found the craft mafia and I just found out yesterday that she’s from Greenock, my hometown. How weird!


February 2, 2009. country crafting, craft, fuzzy felt folk, macsorley's.

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  1. Insults replied:

    Did you knit your own beard? I hope so.

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