handmade haven.

What a week! After a silly amount of spent indoors sewing while the sun shone, I had my first stall at Glasgow Craft Mafia’s ‘Handmade Haven’ yesterday. I couldn’t believe I’d agreed to spend the hottest day this year in a darkened night club, but I was excited all the same.
The event was held over three floors full of stalls decorated with some of the best makes I’ve seen. I had a booth with my name on it (literally!) on the top floor which, I’d come to realise, was the hottest floor. This is how my booth ended up looking:
Handmade Haven by you.

The quality of the photos aren’t very good due to the lighting not being too good in the Buff Club. A lot of the photos I took turned out to be a blur because I was a bit shaky.

Handmade Haven by you.

Here are four of my finished cross stitch portraits which I hung from the top of the booth. You can also see the knitted slice of cake with working LED candle I made for the Maker Faire in March. Portraits from left to right: Mark E Smith, Albert Camus, Grucho Marx, Woody Allen.

The stall was a joint one between Rachel and I. Rachel made all the bakes: two large cakes in the shape of balls of wool with knitting needles, two small thread bobbin cakes and lots of cupcakes with tooled shapes such as jumpers, socks and scarves. Handmade Haven by you.

I made the cross stitch portraits, book marks and cross stitch buttons

Handmade Haven by you.

The market was pretty quiet yesterday but this gave me the chance to have a wee wander round everyone else’s stalls and I got to meet some really great people. I get a lot out of hearing about what other people have been making and seeing people working away at something new behind their booth. Most of all I came away yesterday wanting to be more adventurous with what I make and wanting to become more involved in the monthly stalls.


May 31, 2009. craft, glasgow craft mafia, handmade haven, stall.


  1. Gina E. replied:

    Lovely stuff!! Handmake craft markets are really great to browse around; we have them here in Australia too. I love those two cross stitched sayings – are they yours or on someone ele's table?

  2. Gina E. replied:

    Duh..just went back for another look and answered my own question! You made the bookmarks, right…

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