Paper Dolls

So I’ve finally built up my knitting confidence to tackle my first jumper. I came across Kate Davies Pattern on Ravelry a few months ago and went about collecting all the materials I’d need to get it started.

I’ve decided to follow the colour scheme and modifications applied to the pattern that Ravelry user Pops did her version of the jumper in. Here is what her’s looks like:

As if knitting my first jumper wasn’t hard enough, I’ve decided to set myself the target of finishing it for International Women’s Day on 8th March.

I’ll also be helping out with a knitting workshop for Maryhill and Central and West Integration Network’s event to celebrate International Women’s Day, being held on Thursday 11th March, 11am – 3pm. I’ll post more details on this soon.


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  1. Laura replied:

    Excellent choice, I shall look forward to seeing it when completed…and perhaps commissioning one for myself x

  2. Steph W replied:

    I agree, I think you should make me one 😀 or failing that, teach me how to knit one!

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